Christian Education Committee

The Mission of the Christian Education Committee is to provide a range of opportunities to spiritually, emotionally and intellectually nurture, engage and stimulate church members and friends for the glory of God. 

To carry out its mission, the Christian Education Committee does the following: 

  • Works with the Pastor to administer the church’s educational programs, which include the selection of teachers and leaders
  • Insures that what is taught in the educational programs is consistent with the beliefs valued by the church
  • Develops goals and objectives for the Christian Education program
  • Coordinates the work of various educational groups within the church
  • Provides opportunities for training and support for teachers and leaders in the education program
  • Provides curriculum and supplementary materials and equipment for the educational program
  • Provides information about the educational program for the church bulletin, blog and calendar
  • Determines the financial needs and recommends a budget related to the educational programs

 Members of the committee are expected to:

  • Attend committee meetings
  • Actively support the education program of the church
  • Assume/volunteer for tasks as needed
  • Provide feedback regarding what parts of the programs are working and what is not working well
  • Think outside the box

If you would like more information about the Christian Education Committee, please contact the church office.