Church Life Committee

The mission of the Church Life Committee is to grow the church in size and spirit by offering a variety of activities and support for church members and friends and the community at large. 

To carry out its mission, the Church Life Committee does the following:

  • Plans, organizes and encourages participation by the congregation and community in events
  • Publicizes events in the bulletin and church blog and, when appropriate, the local media
  • Recruits volunteers to assist on the day of the event
  • Works with other volunteers who are willing to take ownership of an event, such as game night or an adult Easter egg hunt, etc.
  • Provides supportive care to church members and friends

Members of the committee are expected to:

  • Attend committee meetings and the annual church planning meeting
  • Help in planning and organizing events
  • Occasionally shop for supplies and/or prepare food
  • Attend events and assist where needed
  • Contribute ideas and feedback to enhance and promote fellowship

If you would like more information about the Church Life Committee, please contact the church office.