Finance Committee

The mission of the Finance Committee is to plan for, oversee, monitor and report on Faith Des Peres Presbyterian Church’s financial state of affairs, making regular reports and recommendations to the Session and at least an annual report to the congregation.

To carry out its mission, the Finance Committee does the following:

  • Serves as the church liaison with organizations that are interested in leasing/renting space at FDP. This will include meeting with the organization’s representatives, negotiating and executing the building use agreement and ensuring that the agreement is followed appropriately by the renting organization.
  • Works with the bookkeeper to send quarterly stewardship pledge and capital pledge statements to members
  • Follows up in a timely way with members who are delinquent in payments on their pledges
  • Develops a detailed annual church budget recommendation for Session approval and tracks ongoing revenues and expenses against the approved Budget
  • Develops and monitors compliance to a multi-year Financial Sustainability Plan
  • Recruits check signers and 5-6 counters and develops the schedule for them

This committee meets monthly to review the previous month’s financial reports and the Treasurer’s report and to conduct other ongoing business that is a part of the annual calendar as well as financial issues and/or special projects that may need the committee’s attention.

Members of the committee are expected to:

  • Attend meetings regularly
  • Be prepared for meetings, including having read/reviewed the Treasurer’s report and other financial reports
  • Assume responsibility/volunteer for various assignments/tasks as needed
  • Become familiar with Faith Des Peres’ financial state of affairs
  • Have a reasonable/basic understanding of financial operations
  • Respect the confidentiality of financial information, especially as it pertains to individual members’ pledges/giving patterns
  • Be willing to speak with others in the congregation about the work of the Finance Committee

If you would like more information about the Finance Committee, please contact the church office.