Mission & Ministry Committee

The purpose of the Mission and Ministry committee is to involve the congregation in the work of Jesus Christ through service to the community.  The Mission and Ministry committee makes regular service opportunities available to all members of the congregation and examines new ways in which the church can be involved with service to the community locally and at large. 

To carry out its mission, the Mission & Ministry Committee does the following:

  • Plans individual service activities
  • Defines the principles and goals for the Church service projects for the year (for example food, shelter, etc.)
  • Coordinates and has supplies ready so church members can participate in the service activities
  • Coordinates with outside agencies for these service-related mission activities
  • Supports church members in their pursuit of Mission and Ministry generated service projects
  • Listens actively to congregation members when new ideas for mission work in the St. Louis area and beyond become available
  • Responds to tragedies when presented (e.g. immediate help given to Missouri community when hit by a tornado and a drive held for supplies here at the church)
  • Provides Session feedback on the activities of Mission and Ministry committee
  • Provides feedback to the church at large on the various activities and functions of Mission and Ministry
  • Contributes financially to organizations that serve the community.  Usually the financial assistance is given to organizations with whom we have a service relationship
  • Advertises the service projects available to the church and encourages church members and friends to participate as much as they are comfortable
  • Organizes a congregation day of service, Go Sunday, the Sunday after Easter

Members of the committee are expected to:

  • Attend meetings regularly
  • Agree to coordinate or head up a few of the mission projects
  • Attend as many mission projects as possible, recognizing that no committee member could make every project
  • Come to meetings prepared with status of the projects for which the team member is leading
  • Provide feedback regarding what parts of programs are working or not working well
  • Use Mission & Ministry money wisely and submit receipts for reimbursement in a timely fashion
  • Share with the congregation the activities of Mission & Ministry and help recruit participants to various Mission and Ministry projects

If you would like more information about the Mission & Ministry Committee, please contact the church office.