Shared Ministry Committee

The mission of the Shared Ministry Committee is to encourage members to actively participate in the life and mission of the church in a systematic approach that recognizes volunteers’ gifts, commitment level, and service. 

To carry out its mission, the Shared Ministry Committee does the following:

  • Compiles a list of all FDP mission, education and support service groups
  • Designs processes for creating ministry position descriptions and gathers them from committees
  • Creates a shared ministry volunteer form and a catalog of information for each volunteer opportunity
  • Establishes and maintains a database of information from the volunteer forms to help identify member interest areas
  • Plans and holds a Shared Ministry Fair to recruit volunteers
  • Distributes member information/volunteer interests to committees
  • Follows up with new members regarding shared ministry opportunities
  • Updates database and shared ministry catalog on a regular basis

The Shared Ministry Committee meets either monthly or bi-monthly, to ensure that database and shared ministry catalog are properly updated and maintained, to manage communications to the congregation and the committees and to plan the annual Shared Ministry Fair. 

Members of the committee are expected to:

  • Be dedicated to Faith Des Peres’ mission and ministry
  • Be comfortable talking with and/or interviewing other members to gather information for the database
  • Be good at follow through
  • Be comfortable/savvy with computers
  • Attend meetings regularly
  • Share in the team’s workload

If you would like more information about the Shared Ministry Committee, please contact the church office.