Worship Arts Committee

The mission of the Worship Arts Committee is to create inspiring, celebrative, Word-centered worship experiences that reflect and inform the congregation’s understanding of and witness to our triune God.

To carry out its mission, the Worship Arts Committee does the following in cooperation with the pastor and the music director:

  • Plans regular services of worship that include the proclamation of the Word, confession, praise, prayer, giving of gifts and celebration of the sacraments
  • Plans other special services (Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, etc.)
  • Regularly studies the nature of reformed worship in order to carry out its mission intelligently and in an informed manner
  • Encourages all worshippers to actively participate in worship and to encounter God’s presence using multiple senses
  • Enhances the worship experience through a blend of traditional and contemporary forms of worship
  • Regularly evaluates the quality of worship services
  • Makes informative reports and recommendations as necessary to the session
  • Makes necessary recommendations to the finance committee concerning budget needs for the coming year
  • Recruits, trains and organizes the worship team volunteers (greeters, liturgists, ushers, acolytes)
  • Prepares communion
  • Recruits, supervises and organizes volunteers for other activities (such as decorating the sanctuary; attending to appearance of the paraments; coordinating sign-ups for weekly, Easter and Christmas flowers; buying of worship supplies, such as fabric, candles, communion elements; preparing and serving the meal if a meal is part of worship)
  • Recruits other members for the team as needed (such as visual artists)
  • Publishes an Advent Devotion Book for personal devotions at home during Advent.

Members of the committee are expected to:

  • Commit to regular worship attendance
  • Be willing to learn and/or deepen understanding of the principles of reformed worship
  • Demonstrate a desire to encourage the congregation’s corporate spiritual growth
  • Attend scheduled committee meetings and the annual church planning meeting
  • Contribute ideas for creating worship services; think “outside the box”
  • Assist in other ways, for example, in shopping for worship supplies, decorating the sanctuary, picking up the poinsettias for Christmas decorations
  • Demonstrate a cooperative spirit in working with other members of the team

If you would like more information about the Worship Arts Committee, please contact the church office.