Feeding the Flock collection takes place on the first Sunday of every month, which is also Communion Sundays. The children do not normally attend Sunday School on these days because we desire that they participate in Holy Communion. So on Communion Sundays, the children of the congregation gather together and pull a wagon through the Sanctuary, collecting food for our outreach facility, Circle of Concern. After the service, the Feeding the Flock ministry sorts through the donations and takes them to Circle of Concern.

The idea behind Feeding the Flock is that while we are spiritually fed at Christ’s table, we are called to physically feed others. This is an important outreach ministry of Faith Des Peres, and is one that especially gets everyone involved. The children learn about giving and participating in mission ministries.  Even if you're not present that day, you can always donate food to Circle of Concern by dropping food off at the church or taking it in yourself.