This Saturday, people from around the presbytery are invited to attend a forum on race relations in St. Louis.  The event was organized in response to the Michael Brown shooting.  You can find more information about the event later in the blog.  If you are able to attend, I would encourage you to do so.  This is an important topic and the issue isn’t “going away” any time soon.  Plus, J. Herbert Nelson and Gradye Parsons are thoughtful, articulate speakers who will engage our hearts and minds. 

This Sunday, I’m going to continue my sermon theme of “Many Members, One Body”.  This week, we’ll pay attention to what our role is in the body of Christ as individuals and as a church.  And, next Sunday, we’ll conclude the series with Reformation Sunday.  A bagpiper will be here to play in true Presbyterian style, and you’ll have a chance to “nail” your “theses” to the church door just like Martin Luther did. 

I hope to see you in church!