This Sunday is World Communion Sunday which happens to be one of my favorite Sundays of the year.  Why?  Because it offers us a distinctive opportunity to celebrate communion in the context of a global community of faith.  On this Sunday, like no other, we are reminded that while we are all different and come from many different places, we are all one body. 

This year, we will celebrate the day by returning to an old Faith Des Peres tradition of going outside for the sacrament of communion.  There, we’ll  gathering around the table and take part in the Great Feast of Thanksgiving by truly feasting with food and wine.  It’s a unique tradition but a special one.  I hope you will be here for it. 

The children have helped us prepare by making a chalice and plate for communion.  They will also pull the wagon for feeding the flock, so don’t forget your canned goods.

I hope I’ll see you Sunday,