Last week a group from Faith Des Peres spent their Saturday morning packing food at Food Outreach.  Thank you for volunteering your time for this important ministry.  Also this week, Keith Weber, who leads the community garden effort, was busy in the garden getting it ready for spring by installing a much-needed fence.  If you have some time this Saturday to donate, he’ll be back and could use some help.  As always, I’m thankful for all of you and the tremendous amount of mission work the church does.

This Sunday our scripture readings come from Genesis 12 and John 3.  As you read these passages, consider these questions for reflection: Think about a time when you felt uncertain. Can you see how God was at work in your life at that time? What from Abraham and Sarai’s story, or from Nicodemus’s story, is a help to you as you look for evidence of God’s presence in your own life?

See you in church!
Sunday Worship, 10:30am
Sunday School for kids (K-5), 10:45am (Come and help create the art work for Lent!)
Adult Discussion Group, 9:15am