Sunday Morning Worship, 10:30 am

“Giving Up Control”

Many of us give up certain things for the 40 days of Lent, and doing so can be very beneficial for us.  This Lent, we’re taking that idea one step further, talking each week about things we should consider giving up to help draw us closer to God.

This week, it’s control. 

Adam and Eve disobeyed God, thinking that they knew better than him, with disastrous consequences. While being tempted in the wilderness, Jesus denied his own impulses and followed God's will. In today’s world, where we are used to having control over so many things, we often fail to seek God's guidance for our lives and try to call all the shots ourselves. But sometimes (all the time?) the best thing we can do is hand over the reins of control to God and let God be God.

If you haven’t been to church in a while, I hope to see you Sunday. Lent is a great time to come to church to nurture your spirit and your relationship with God and others. - Annie

Daylight Savings Time
Remember that we SPRING FORWARD early Sunday morning. Set your clocks forward so you don't miss church! 

Adult Discussion Group
Dorcas Case will lead the March 9th and March 16th Adult Discussion Group studies at 9:15am in the 2nd floor Adult Conference Room. March 9th topic: Background & Beginnings of Christianity in the Middle East; March 16th topic: Spread of Christianity in Asia and Africa – how it flourished and why it failed. Everyone is encouraged to attend!

Free to a Good Home!
Thank you for your generosity in purchasing the new Glory to God hymnals.  These hymnals should serve the congregation well for at least twenty years! But what about the1990 blue Presbyterian Hymnals? We plan take sufficient copies to the old church for use there, but we’ll still have about 100 of them left.  Therefore, we would like to offer them to the congregation for use in your devotional life. Some hymnals will be on a table in the gathering space on Sunday. Please take one or more. After Sunday, check with Gay if you would like to give a blue hymnal a loving home.  -The Worship Arts Committee