Short Term Mission Project Coordinator Needed
Mission and Ministry plans to sponsor a school supply drive this summer in coordination with Circle of Concern. The drive will start on Sunday, June 29th and end on Sunday, August 3rd.  We have the information needed to get this started, and are looking for a person who would enjoy organizing and running this short term project. If you are interested please contact Elizabeth Pribor at or 314-630-4417.

We Dared to Dream . . .
Since last Sunday when we celebrated the success of our Dare to Dream for Today and Tomorrow campaigns a few more pledges have been received.  As of Thursday, June 5 pledges received total approximately $103,000 for stewardship (Today's Dream) and $256,000 for Gathering Space loan reduction (Tomorrow's Dream).  The generosity of Faith Des Peres' members and friends is overwhelming and we thank you so much for your dedication to our mission and ministry.  Special thanks to the committee members who helped to make our dreams become realities: Dare to Dream for Today -- Daniel Mortimer, Will Ridley, Samantha Stout, Clarissa Schuller-Meyer.  Dare to Dream for Tomorrow -- Bernie & Leila Davis, Jim & Joanna Gerst, Erica Abbett, Terry Baker.  Thank you so much for all you do for FDP!
~ Kathy Sherrick, Dare to Dream for Today Chair and Barbara Abbett, Dare to Dream for Tomorrow Chair

A Reminder About 2014 Pledges
June 30 will mark the end of our current fiscal year.  Are you current with your pledge payments for stewardship and the Gathering Space loan reduction?  If not, please make an effort to submit your final payments before the end of the month.  The gifts we pledge to the church help meet many of our day-to-day operating expenses.  If you have questions about the status of your pledges, please contact FDP's treasurer, Kathy Sherrick, or the church's bookkeeper, Cathy Luetkemeyer, who is in the church office (314-432-8029) on Tuesdays from 9 to 11 a.m.

Summer Sermon Series at Faith Des Peres
What does faith look like?  How does it manifest itself in your daily life?  In this summer sermon series, "Practice Makes Perfect?,” we'll look at different faith practices that we can incorporate into our daily lives that nourish us and sustain us. Topics include keeping sabbath, forgiveness, worshiping well, saying thank you, and shaping our communities, among others.

The Year of the Bible Continues . . .
There is a small group of Faith Des Peres members who are reading the Bible in a year.  They meet (almost) monthly to talk about what they’ve read and encourage one another to keep going.  If you’d like to join them, you can do so anytime.  If you’d just like to know what they’re reading, we can e-mail it to you.  Make the Bible your summer beach read! Email Annie to let her know you’re interested.

Annual Report
For those that missed the annual congregational meeting last Sunday, the FDP Annual Report has been posted on the home page of the website (scroll to the links at the bottom of the page).

Items Left at FDP
As a gentle reminder, we no longer collect items such as empty food containers or bags of clothing for soup kitchens or charities, unless we specifically ask for them. Thank you.