Is God fair?  I ask this question with all sincerity, and I’m guessing most of us would say “Of course!  Why do you ask?”  I ask because in this Sunday’s gospel reading, God isn’t fair.  At least, not according to our definition of fair.  God is definitely generous in the story, but not necessarily fair.  And for most of us, this probably rubs us the wrong way.  In order to understand what I’m talking about, and to best prepare for Sunday, click on the link above and read the story.  Then ask yourself, where are you in the line? 

This Sunday the children will continue studying the Sacrament of Communion in Sunday School.  They are making something special for World Communion Sunday!  Listed below you’ll see many other ways you can help out both at church and in the community.  Please make note of the quickly-approaching Food Outreach food pack on October 4th.  We need people to help!  E-mail Elizabeth if you can.

See you in church,