This Sunday we'll hear the beautiful Psalm 139.  This psalm assures us that before we know and name God, God knows us and names us.  There's no where we can go to avoid God.  I think this is very interesting, especially in an age when so many people are on a quest to know God or to become more spiritual, because this psalm tells us that we don't need to go searching for God.  God is there with us, every where we go.  

The psalm also assures us that we are of value and worthy.  No matter what else anyone says about us, we're valued and loved by God.

Do you know anyone who needs to hear those messages?  That they're valued and loved by God, no matter what others may say?  And, that they don't need to go searching for God because God is always with them?  I know people who need to hear that message.  Heck, sometimes I need to hear that message!

I hope you'll give prayerful thought as to who in your life needs to hear that message, I hope that you'll invite them to church.  As we'll hear in the gospel lesson this week, invite them to come and see.  That's all you need to do.

I hope I'll see you in church.  You are loved and worthy, and God is with you!