This Sunday we’ll celebrate the Sacrament of Baptism for Madelyn Edney, daughter of Jon and Tiffani Edney.  Jon and Tiffani, members of FDP, were married here in 2009 and now live in Memphis.  They’re excited to bring Madelyn back to their church home for her baptism, and I’m excited to welcome them.  I hope you’ll join us!  This Sunday is also communion and the feeding the flock, so don’t forget your food donations.  There’s a lot going on but it’s all good!

Also, don’t forget the Vision 20/20 potluck gathering after church on February 8.  Please sign-up in the Gathering Space or email me at  We hope to have 45-50 people.  Your participation in this process matters and is important!

Blessings to you all,