Dear Faith Des Peres Community,

This Sunday I’ll wrap-up my sermon series “DIY: A Faith of Your Own But Not On Your Own” and the subject is the church.  What is your understand of what the church is called to be and do?  What does God call the church to be and do?  Please think about your answers before Sunday. 

We’ve covered the following topics in this series: God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Christianity and Other Religions, evil, and now the church.  My hope is that the series has given you the opportunity to better articulate what it is you believe about each of those subjects.  My hope is also that you will actually write a statement of faith!  To that end, I’ll be available in the Gathering Space this Sunday at 9:30 for anyone who wants to try writing a statement of faith.  I’ll have resources available to help assist you with that, if you need them, and I can answer any questions you have.  I can also push you to go a little deeper!  All you need to do is show-up ready to write.

On November 1, we’ll celebrate All Saints Sunday and we will “send off” the scarves in a very special way.  You won’t want to miss it!  Do you know someone who has lost a loved on this year or experienced another type of loss?  This is a good service to invite them to attend.  And kids, wear your Halloween costumes!  Clocks move forward – an extra hour of sleep!