Feeding the Flock This Sunday!
It’s a communion Sunday which means the kids will pull the wagon and collect food for Circle of Concern during the offering time.  The idea behind Feeding the Flock is that while we are spiritually fed at Christ’s table, we are called to physically feed others.  This is an important outreach ministry of Faith Des Peres, and is one that gets everyone involved.  Even if you forgot food today, you can always donate food to Circle of Concern by dropping it off at the church. Thank you.

Next food packing at Food Outreach is Saturday, March 21 at 8 am 
Want to know how you can make a difference in people’s lives in just a few short hours? Come join members of Faith Des Peres at Food Outreach on Saturday morning March 21. There we will pack food into individual meals that will be given to individuals living with HIV/AIDS and cancer who are living at or below 400% of the poverty level. We start at 8am, and are done before 11 am – often by 10 am.  If there is interest, sometimes we go out for breakfast afterwards. Food Outreach requests that volunteers be 11 years old and in 5th grade. We need to have at least 10 individuals and they strongly prefer 15 – so know that we NEED YOUR HELP. Please sign by emailing Elizabeth Pribor at 

One Great Hour of Sharing
By God’s grace, each day is a gift, an opportunity for a new beginning. Through abundant and generous gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS), for many years Presbyterians have faithfully heeded God’s call to serve people seeking to reclaim and restore their lives.

Your gift to OGHS is a gift of hope. Your gift allows Presbyterian Disaster Assistance to restore communities around the world affected by natural and human-caused disasters. Your generosity helps the Presbyterian Hunger Program work with Presbyterians and other partners to alleviate hunger and eliminate its causes in this country and internationally. Your sharing makes it possible for Self-Development of People to affirm the dignity of all by assisting in the empowerment of economically poor, oppressed, and disadvantaged people.

The programs supported by OGHS depend on continued and increased support from congregations like ours.  We will collect the OGHS offering on Easter Sunday, April 5th.