Dear Faith Des Peres Friends,

Do me a favor before you read any further, OK?  Click over to Facebook and “like” our page.  Thanks. 

(Waiting patiently for you to like our page.)

That didn’t take that long, did it?  Just a few seconds out of your day can make a big difference for Faith Des Peres.   But you already know that, don’t you?  You know that social media is everywhere these days and everyone is using it.  What you may not know is that using social media is a great evangelism tool in the 21st century.  You “like” something on our page and people in your friends list see it.  For example, your friends could see that you attend a church that cares about marriage equality (Wednesday post) or supports Food Outreach (Tuesday post).  You can also RSVP for things, such as the Maundy Thursday supper or Not-So-Churchy-Church worship on April 12.

Get it?  When we talk about wanting to grow the church, it takes all of us in our different ways to make that happen.  And not because we want to get more seats in the pews (though that would be nice), but because ultimately we think that what we have here is special and we want to make Christ known to others.  After all, this isn’t a private club.  This is the church!  And at Faith Des Peres, we believe ALL are welcome ALL the time.  Don’t you want your friends to know you attend a church like that?  I do!

So if you didn’t “like” our FB page earlier, do it now!  You don’t want me to hound you and email you to do it, do you?  (Yes, I know who likes our page and who doesn’t.)

Thanks and see you Sunday!