Sometimes, people think they need to have their beliefs all nailed down before they can come to church.  Sometimes, people think they need to have their beliefs all nailed down before they invite someone to church.  But nothing could be farther from the truth, especially on Easter.

Because Easter is only the beginning.  It's the starting point for our journeys of faith.  Whether you have little or no faith, are unsure of what you believe, or don't even understand what faith is all about, Easter is the day to come.  On Easter we join a long list of followers that include people who were scared, disloyal, unsure, have doubts, disappoint and betray the ones they love, and yet are still promised that the past is forgotten, because everything is new -- starting right here, right now.  

Does that sound like a message you need to hear?  Does it sound like a message someone you know needs to hear it?  (I'm guessing it does.)  If so, please take the time to invite someone.  It doesn't need to be anything fancy.  It can be as simple as, "If you don't have any where to go on Easter, you're welcome to come to my church."  I've said just that sentence a few times this week.  And guess what?  People appreciate the invitation even if they respectfully decline.  

So please, do a favor for someone you know who needs to hear a message of hope and invite them to Easter.  (And share this on Facebook, too.)

I'll see you on Easter!


PS: There is Feeding the Flock this Sunday!  Because it's Easter, let's make the biggest collection of food yet!