This summer, the Session members will each contribute a statement about what the church’s new Vision, Mission and Values mean to them.  They may write about all three, or they may write about the statement that most resonates with them and why.  This week, Will Ridley writes about the Values:

The Values that shape and guide our church life:

Accepting people for who they are and where they are on their faith journey

Growing in our faith by asking questions and wrestling with ambiguity

Serving others in the same way Christ served others

Welcoming young and old, singles and families respectful of race, nationality, sexual orientation and persons of differing abilities.

Implementing the Vision 20/20 program will ultimately determine its success. I believe the four words listed as values – accepting, growing, serving and welcoming – are the keys because they are specific, achievable and universal. Whether you are working on the church budget, volunteering at Food Outreach, handing out bulletins before worship or repairing a pew in the sanctuary these values apply and they have been and can continue to be our light for the community and beyond.