Service on July 5 at Old Des Peres Church
Join us this Sunday, July 5 at the Old Des Peres Church on Geyer Road at 10:30 AM. Rev. Joe Marting will be leading worship while Annie is in New Hampshire at her niece’s wedding.

Living Creation Bible Study Saturday, July 11
The intergenerational, , experiential Bible study on the creation story (Genesis 1) will
continue on Saturday, July 11 as we look at Day 4, Sun/Star/Moon. We will be star gazing Saturday night . We will not meet on Sunday morning.

Communion and Feeding the Flock next Sunday, July 12
Please join us next week at our Clayton location where we will celebrate communion and collect food for Feeding the Flock.

Sermon Series
The series “Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism” will cover some of the hot-button issues of the day with a look at what the Bible does and does not say about them.  This series allows us to take the Bible seriously but not literally, and assumes God and the Bible can handle our intellectual pursuits.  Don’t check your brain at the door.
July 12             Edited Stories and Cover-Ups
August 9          Violence, Vengeance and Victory Oh My!
August 16        Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?
August 23        The Apostle Paul
August 30        Left Behind and Loving It
September 6    Now What?