Worship at Old Meeting House on Labor Day weekend
Sunday, September 6 we will worship together at the Old Meeting House on Geyer Road.


Sacred Conversations on Race
Faith Des Peres will join other congregations in the presbytery for Sacred Conversations on Race.  Sacred Conversations on Race was designed by Metropolitan Congregations United (MCU) to support congregations as they broach the difficult, but necessary conversations centered on racial tensions. These conversations will lead to ACTION led by better-informed and more self-aware people. With a community in need of understanding, healing and great systemic change, the conversation must begin. As the conversations begin, it is our hope that it will be easier to understand the plight of others, have your stories heard and begin to work together for an undivided community.

There will be two “mass congregation” gatherings on September 13 and November 8at First Presbyterian Church of Ferguson, 401 Darst Road, Ferguson 63155 from 3:00—6:00 pm, and two with Faith Des Peres only (dates TBD) . If you are interested in attending the conversation in Ferguson, please sign up in the Gathering Space. Carpooling is being arranged.

PALS Update     
We have 9 children and possibly some youth who want to take part in Pals.  We’re still looking for adults to be Pals with these young people.  If you’re interested, please see Barb Abbett, Dianne Modrell, Mary Dingus or Will Ridley.  Thank you!


Shared Ministry Fair and Ice Cream Social, September 13
MARK YOUR CALENDARS for the Shared Ministry Fair in the Gathering Space after worship. This will be a time for you to learn about what ministry opportunities exist and in return to let us know what you’re interested in doing this year at Faith Des Peres.  Want to take part in Buddy Packs, or help plan Advent?  How about serving as a liturgist, or assisting with communion?  These and many more opportunities are available.  Each of us is uniquely gifted by God to share our gifts, energy and passions with others to build the kingdom of God, and shared ministry helps us live out the affirmation that God calls all people to ministry. Hope to see you there!

A New Faith Formation Opportunity for Adults Beginning Sept 8 or 9
Embracing an Alternative Orthodoxy: Richard Rohr on the Legacy of St. Francis

Jim Gerst is facilitating this five week DVD and book discussion that includes the topics of:

            Atonement Theology


            The Cosmic Christ

            Orthodoxy Versus Orthopraxy

            Mysticism Over Moralism

Each session begins with a 10-15 minute video presentation by Richard Rohr followed by filmed interaction with a small group of adults.  The workbook then helps our group join the conversation.  Each participant will need to purchase a workbook of their own, which is available on Amazon.com.  You can choose from a Tuesday evening at 7 or a Wednesday11:30 brown bag lunch. The weekly sessions will last an hour.  Let us know via the sign-up sheet in the Gathering Space or by email if you can come and which session you would prefer.

Communion Table Flowers
A sign-up sheet for communion table flowers is now available in the Gathering Space. Please indicate how you would like the dedication in the bulletin to read. Yolanda will send an email a few days ahead of your scheduled date to remind you to bring flowers. Thank you so much!