Dear Faith Des Peres Community,

This Sunday I begin a new sermon series titled “DIY: A Faith of Your Own but Not on Your Own”.  Few of us arrive at a set of beliefs we can set in stone for the rest of our lives.  What we believe evolves over time and is gleaned from a variety of sources: the Bible, Christian tradition, changes in our lives, things we hear from friends or online.  But sometimes it’s hard to articulate what we believe.  This sermon series is meant to help you name what you believe.  This Sunday the topic is God.  Spend time thinking about what you believe about God in preparation for Sunday. 

This Sunday is also the ice cream social and shared ministry fair.  Everyone is invited to attend!  And, please wear your Faith Des Peres t-shirt!

It’s going to be a great Sunday.  And wait until you see those scarves you painted! 



PS: If you have food for Feeding the Flock, please leave it in the wagons in the Gathering Space.