Dear Faith Des Peres Community,

This week, I’ll continue my sermon series “DIY: A Faith of Your Own but not on Your Own” with a look at Jesus Christ.  In preparation for this Sunday, begin to think about what you believe about Jesus.  For you, is Jesus God in the flesh?  Do you think of Jesus as a friend?  Did he die to save you from your sins?  Is he a historical figure?  Loaded and difficult questions, I know!  But don’t worry, I’ll help you unpack it this week.

We’ll celebrate two baptisms this Sunday, too.  Cody Cass and his son Carter are being baptized, and Cody and his wife Katie are joining the church, too.  I hope you’ll be here to celebrate and welcome them. 

Last but not least, Beth Willock, Danny Mortimer and I were in Chicago this week for a worship arts planning session, and we took into account the positive feedback about the pew formation and liturgical art we received from you.  This Sunday, the pews will remain in the round but the scarves will move around.  I hope to see you here!