Dear Faith Des Peres Community,

This week I’ll continue my sermon series “DIY: A Faith of Your Own but not On Your Own” with a look at what the Bible, church tradition, and contemporary theology teach about the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is probably the least talked about aspect of the Trinity and therefore what we believe about the Holy Spirit is likely fuzzy.  But with all the talk these days about people being “spiritual but not religious”, maybe it’s time to look more closely at the Spirit and the Spirit’s role in our lives.

On October 4, I’ll talk about the intersection of Christianity and other religions.  How we as people of faith interact with people of other religions is a very important topic and will only become more so as the country gets more and more religiously diverse.  I hope you’ll be here for it, and invite your friends, too.  This is also World Communion Sunday, so we’ll go outside for the great communion feast and celebrate with food and wine.

The scarves will continue to move around the sanctuary as we explore how our faith journeys are all unique.  Thank you to Leslie Barnes and Danny Mortimer for all of their help with the liturgical art installations!