FDP’s next GAME NIGHT is Friday evening, January 29th. 
Grab your favorite board games, and snacks/drinks to share and meet in the Gathering Space. Doors open at 6:30. Invite your friends and neighbors to join us. Guaranteed FUN for all ages.

Don’t Miss Out!
The month of January is the time to call Trout Lodge (1-888-FUN-YMCA) to reserve your room for our annual Trout Lodge Weekend, April 22 – 24. Please pick up a price list and brochure on the table in the Gathering Space and let Yolanda in the office know you are coming. If you have not been to Trout Lodge and have questions, ask one of the 45 people that go each year or Terry Baker or Charlotte Ridley. Don’t miss this wonderful weekend with your church family!


Come for Pancakes, Join Us for Worship! February 10, 6:30 pm
The Worship Arts Team is hosting a pancake supper on February 10 at 6:30 pm
followed by an Ash Wednesday service. Dinner includes pancakes and worship includes burning last year’s palms outside in a fire pit. Sign-up in the Gathering Space if you plan to attend and if you can, lend a hand.  We need about 4 people or so to make pancakes
before the service.  Thanks!


Walking to Jerusalem (a special Lent activity) –
Did you know that it is 6437 miles from St. Louis to Jerusalem? That’s 12,874,000 steps (2000 steps in a mile)!! Did you know that Pastor Annie has challenged us as a
congregation to walk collectively that distance during Lent? Sound crazy?  Read on . . .

The Walk to Jerusalem is a walking program developed by St. John Providence Health
System parish nursing and designed to increase the physical, spiritual and emotional health of participants.  This “imaginary” trip to Jerusalem is accomplished by individuals within the church and their friends (anyone can participate) logging their own walking miles and/or exercise each week. The idea behind the Walking to Jerusalem program is that physical health impacts our spiritual health and vice-versa, so as a church we should be concerned about our physical health.  After all, walking is good for the mind, spirit and the body.

You are asked to keep track of your steps during Lent. You can also keep track of any
exercise – 20 minutes of activity equals 2000 steps.  We will give you the tools you need to track, and we’ll keep track of them and watch our progress with a visual in the Gathering Space. If you can’t walk long distances, don’t worry. Do what you are able to do and let’s see how we do as a congregation.

And if 12,874,000 steps sounds like a lot, if 40 people participate in this each person would need to log roughly 7000 steps a day.  That’s a lot, but keep in mind some will do more and some will do less, and doctors recommend people get in at least 10,000 steps/day. Join the walk!

Sunday, February 14 Chocolate Bar!
After church on Sunday, February 14 (you know, Valentine’s Day), we’ll have a
chocolate bar.  Bring your sweetie and skip the fancy meal.  Hope to see you here!

Let’s Have Lunch
Mark your calendar for February 16, 11:30 am for lunch at J. Greene’s Pub on
Manchester. in Warson Woods.  We’re forming a new monthly lunch group for anyone who just wants to have lunch. We’ll reserve the private room there, so please let us know you’re coming. Thanks!

Book Club at Faith Des Peres     
There’s been enough interest expressed in forming a book club at Faith Des Peres that we can give it a go. Look for an announcement next week about the book we’ll read and some possible dates to meet.  Thanks for your interest! Annie