Have you attended a “Coffee with the Pastor” in the past and are now ready to become a member of the church? Have you attended for years and now is the time to join? If so, please let Kathy Sherrick, Cat Harper, or Annie Epling know. We plan on accepting new members later this month. And in case you’re wondering, “What is the benefit of joining a church?” which is a valid question, here are some thoughts as to why you might join:

A church is a community, one with values and beliefs like yours. Joining a church will help you better understand and grow your faith, and provide a more direct path to serve God and others in your community.

 Church becomes a spiritual home for your faith. A church:
            ∙Helps you meet new people
            ∙Helps you discover yourself
            ∙Helps you grow as a Christian
            ∙Provides a place for you to “practice” your faith
            ∙Helps you find meaning and guidance in the world
            ∙Helps you experience God’s love

When people gather in a church setting, they work together as a community to learn and live God’s word. We hope you’ll consider joining Faith Des Peres.