Dear Faith Des Peres Community,

Our country is more polarized than ever. The intense rhetoric of local and national campaigns spills over into conversations and Facebook feeds, and blue states and red states are pitted against one another. Yet, as Christians, we’re called to be peacemakers. How can we bridge the divide? Furthermore, what role does our faith play in politics? These are the questions we’ll address in my sermon series, “Seeing Purple in a Red and Blue Country” as well as the faith formation series.

While I know many of us are tired of hearing about politics, and you may even be thinking “I come to church to get away from that!”, one of my goals in preaching and education is to help you connect Sunday to Monday; i.e., how does your faith inform your daily life? And in this specific instance, how does your faith inform your vote and citizenship?

This series is a good opportunity for you to invite someone to church, perhaps someone who doesn’t agree with your political views! Because on November 9, all of us will wake up as citizens of this great nation, but some of us are going to be unhappy; either unhappy with who won or unhappy that we didn’t have better choices in candidates. So, our call to work together (remember “we the people”?) is more important than ever. And as Christians, we’re called to bridge the divide.

You can find a video about the series here on Facebook. Share it with your friends! It is the easiest way to invite someone to church. So don’t delay!

This Sunday after church, Terry Jones will speak about local and national races. His talks are always informative. I hope you’ll take the time to attend. A light lunch is provided. On November 23 and 30, I’ll continue the faith formation series before church at 9:30 when we’ll have a chance to talk about the sermon, as well as dive deeper into the subject of faith and politics.

 See you Sunday.