Dear Faith Des Peres Community,

This Sunday I’ll continue my sermon series “Seeing Purple in a Red and Blue Country”. I’ll talk directly this week about how to bridge the divide that plagues our country. You can think of the subtitle of this sermon as “what to say and what not to say on Facebook when you disagree” or “be careful with those comments”. It goes without saying that the words we use matter, but I think in the presidential election that has proven to be true at a level none of us really expected to see. Words do matter – a lot. As Christians, we’re called to use our words in a weigh that build people up, and we’re called to be quick to listen and slow to speak. This weekend in preparation for worship, I challenge all of us to do just that both in person and online.

Before church, I’ll lead a class at 9:30 on the intersection of faith and politics. This is a time for you to respond and talk about last week’s sermon (found here), and we’ll look at how two people, Senator John Danforth and President Barack Obama, might collaborate on issues that divide.

Last, if you weren’t here last week or are shying away from coming because you’re tired of the election, I encourage you to come. In many ways, this series is aimed more for how we work together after the election than it is how we get along before November 8. So while we are talking about politics, it’s not only focused on the current election. It’s a much broader approach, and one we all need to think about as concerned Christians and citizens.

I hope to see you Sunday!