On October 16th, Dr. Terry Jones, Founders’ Professor of Political Science at UMSL, will kick off a series sponsored by the Faith Formation Center at Faith Des Peres titled “Faith and Politics”. Terry has agreed to speak on the current political climate for both the national and statewide elections. He has spoken at FDP on previous occasions and provided insightful and thoughtful perspectives. On October 23rd and 30th, Annie Epling will speak on the “History of Religion and Politics” and November 6th will conclude the series with an Election Preamble. Please join us after worship in the Gathering Space for a light lunch and informative presentations.

Also on these Sundays the sermon series will be “Faith and Politics: Seeing Purple in a Red and Blue World”. Our country is more polarized than ever before. As people of faith, how can we help? What role does our faith play in politics, and what about the separation of church and state? This sermon series is aimed to help you be a more faithful voter. The faith formation series is aimed to make you a more informed voter, and will include time to discuss what was said in the sermon. Join us, and invite a friend. Our intent is to educate and inform, not sway or influence.