Dear Faith Des Peres Family,

More and more I hear people say that Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday, and I understand why. Even with a big meal to prepare, it’s one free of the stress that goes with gift giving. At its very core, Thanksgiving is quite simple – it’s about gratitude and giving thanks. It’s about “praising God from whom all blessings flow.” This Sunday, we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving at church, both in worship and afterward with a Thanksgiving lunch. We’ll have turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pie. Yum! This is the time we also kick-off the Christmas giving tree that has gift selections for children and families of Southside Day Nursery and Lydia’s House. Regardless of whether you’re staying for lunch, you can take an ornament from the tree to purchase a gift for a child or his/her mom. Someone will be in the Gathering Space at 10:15 if you want to take an ornament before church – just make sure to let them know which one you take. We have many ornaments, so feel free to take more than one! This is, after all, the season of giving and giving thanks. “Praise God from whom all blessings flow!”


On November 27, we’ll celebrate the first Sunday of Advent. The tree will be up and the sanctuary decorated. We’ll sing “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”. We’ll anticipate the birth of the Christ child by looking at the various names we call Christ, and what those names mean for us today. I hope you’ll join us. Think about inviting someone to come with you.  Many people are looking for a spiritual “center” at this time of the year, especially given the state of our country. Let them know they can find peace, joy, love, and hope here.



PS: Be on the watch on our Facebook page for a video about Advent that you can share with friends.