It's hard to believe, but there's only one Sunday left in Advent. This week I'll conclude my sermon series "Many Names" with a title used to describe Jesus: "Prince of Peace". I've been thinking a lot about the title "Prince of Peace" given the news about Aleppo, Trump's choice of Secretary of State, and the guilty verdict of Dylan Roof. We often think peace is achieved when there is no war or conflict, but the peace Jesus urged us to keep goes much deeper than that: it's about shalom, which is another word for wholeness. Jesus believed that when everyone is whole, then there will be peace. This is much different than how we normally think of peace, which for us is achieved when one country or person wills its way onto another. But that doesn't make for peace, according to Jesus, that just means there isn't conflict. And the absence of conflict doesn't always equal peace.

Hopefully you've received a postcard in the mail inviting you to the Christmas Eve service. We have more available at church, and I hope you'll take one with you on Sunday and use it to invite a friend. The service that night is at 5:30 and includes the traditional candle lights during Silent Night. I hope you'll join us.