Dear Faith Des Peres Community,

This Lent, we’re delving into the subject of Jesus as boundary breaker. Jesus continually told stories about unjust situations that point to going against societal norms. But we’re also doing more than just exploring it, we’re also going to look at the boundaries we’re called to break, and ask some tough questions of ourselves about the things we’re called to change, both internal and external, so we can challenge the present to change the future to make Christ known.

This Sunday in particular we are going to talk about how we are called and challenged to love others despite the differences we have with them. In preparation, think about someone in your life that fits that description.

The worship arts team has been hard at work getting ready for Lent. In the sanctuary you'll find four "prayer stations" with different "activities": writing a prayer or candle, leaving your spare change, etc. These stations are there to help you prepare for worship, so feel free to take part in them when you arrive. There will also be a time after the sermon for you to visit one of the stations.

There are plenty of other things going on at church during Lent, so make sure to check out the rest of this blog.

See you Sunday!