Pastrix Book Club
We’ll get together on Saturday, March 5 to talk about Pastrix by Nadia Bloz-Weber.  If you have a suggestion for a place that isn’t too noisy AND where we can get a good cup of coffee, let me know.  Plan on 10am, and I’ll let you know the place once it’s been decided. Thank you!

Nadia is a heavily-tattooed, profanity-laden ELCA (Lutheran) pastor in Colorado.  She wrote this book “for people who hunger for a bit of hope that doesn't come from vapid consumerism or navel-gazing; for women who talk too loud, and guys who love chick flicks; for the gay man who loves Jesus, and won't allow himself to be shunned by the church. For people who listen to “This American Life” and have more education than money; for people who know the difference between American cheese and real cheese. In short, this book is for every thinking misfit suspicious of institutionalized religion, but who is still seeking transcendence and mystery.”

Walking to Jerusalem
And we’re off! So far we’ve made it over 850,000 steps toward Jerusalem. That’s approximately 425 miles, which gets us to about Huntington, WV.  Wave hello! Don’t forget, one mile equals 2000 steps, and 20 minutes of any activity equals 2000 steps. And regular old steps equal steps! You can email your weekly total on Saturdays to Annie or Terry Baker. You can also turn them in on Sunday at the door. Thanks to Diane Asyre there’s a really nice chart in the Gathering Space; you’ll find a basket and slips of paper with it. Put your name on the display as a traveler, too. We can do this!

A Photo A Day in Lent
About 24 people are part of the Photo A Day in Lent Facebook Group.  Each day, rethinkchurch provides a word, and the group members submit their pictures.  It’s been fun and insightful to see everyone’s take on the words (go, mighty, injustice, celebrate, voice).  Some of the pictures have been serious, and others insightful; some frivolous, and others introspective.  If you’re interested in being in the group, go to Faith Des Peres’ Facebook page, and scroll down for the link to the group. Anyone can join.  In fact, we’ve had people from all over join the group. You can also join the group to see the photos.