Easter is almost here, and I'm ready! Are you? We have a brass quartet coming to play, and the message is about living as Easter people in the world. Let's be bearers of hope, love and justice! The world could use some of that, don't you think?

Easter is usually one of our highest attended Sundays with members, friends, and guests joining us. Knowing this, I thought I'd suggest a few things for you to take into consideration to make people feel comfortable.

  • Observe the 2/10 rule: spend two minutes before and after church saying "hi" to someone you don't know. Thank them for coming. And take responsibility for the 10 foot radius around you: does someone need something? Directions? Look confused? Help them!
  • Show, don't point. Does someone need to know where the nursery or bathroom is? Take them there, don't point.
  • Sit towards the front of the sanctuary.
  • Be a parking lot greeter. Guests formulate an opinion within the first ten minutes of arriving.
  • Pray as you enter: for guests, for everyone worshiping, and for those of us leading.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!