Dear Faith Des Peres Community,

It’s hard to believe, but Easter is less than a month away. We’re planning a wonderful worship service that I hope you’ll invite family and friends to attend. To make it easy for you to do that, I hope you will take a moment to share the event via social media here. Sharing this with your friends and family on Facebook is one of the easiest ways to invite people to come to church. At the Membership Expansion Center meeting this week, we were talking about our goal to grow the church and were reminded that all but 1 person at out November focus group first attended Faith Des Peres because someone invited them. I know some of you struggle with inviting people, but if all of us invited just one person, think of the impact it could have. And don’t get discouraged if you invite someone and they don’t come. Studies show that it takes 5-6 invitations before someone attends. Studies also show that people are looking for meaning in their lives and a sense of community, and we offer both. So please, take some time to prayerfully consider who you can invite this Easter.

This Sunday I’ll continue my sermon series “Breaking Boundaries” with a look at the story of the prodigal son. Where we locate ourselves in this story says a lot about the meaning we’ll find it. Are you the younger son, older son, or father?

This Sunday is communion and Feeding the Flock. Don’t forget your food!