This year 28 adults, youth and children took part in the first year of PALS which concludes today. Thank you to Will Ridley, Tommy Epling, John Onken, Manning Asyre, Jim Baker, Mark Asyre, Henry Epling, Diane Asyre, Julia Epling, Eliot Asyre, Mathew Richter, Nancy Hope, Leslie Richter, Lindsay Marting, Kara Richter, Ashley Marting, Morgan Dolley, Randi Weber, Charlotte Epling, Charlotte Ridley, James Dolley, Barb Abbett, James Richter, Leslie Barnes, Cy Thornton, Erica Abbett and Mathew Willock for being a part of it. Once a month PALS meet to foster relationships across generations. Sometimes their conversations are sacred in nature, sometimes not; and the doughnuts are always good! If you have a child entering kindergarten next year, he/she is eligible for PALS. If you’d like to be an adult PAL, let Annie or Barb Abbett know. We’ll resume again in September. Thank you!