Dear Members and Friends of Faith Des Peres,

It was great to be back with you all last Sunday after my vacation.  We had a wonderful time at Spofford and all the other places we’ve been this summer, but it’s always good to get home, too.  If you’ve had the opportunity to travel this summer, I hope your time away was been restful.  And if you haven’t traveled, I hope you’ll find time to relax at home.  All of us need a Sabbath every now and then.

This week in worship we’re looking at the subject of prayer.  Prayer is one of the subjects I get asked about the most.  I’ve preached on prayer a few times through the years, but hope to shed new light on the subject . . .especially given what’s going on in our country and around the world.  I hope you’ll be here on Sunday.

In this blog, please take note of Church in the Park on August 14, and this Sunday we’ll have a guest speaker from Circle of Concern at 9 am to talk about their work and how our food donations help.  This is a part of the Living Creation series.