Everyday people say “I would like to be a part of helping someone”. Our patients would welcome your visits.  Hospice is a special kind of care designed to provide sensitivity and support for people in the final phase of a terminal illness.  Heartland Hospice’s goal is to provide palliative and supportive services to meet physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of patients and their families in a health care facility or other residential settings.  Volunteers can provide one-on-one attention to residents who are lonely or cut off from their families, thereby reducing feelings of isolation and contributing to their sense of belonging.  The benefits are endless when one can make a “DIFFERENCE”.


Volunteers are the heart of the Hospice Team.


We depend on our Hospice volunteers to help us provide the extra love and care our clients and their families need at this time in their life.   Heartland volunteers offer support, companionship and practical, caring help to this special group of people.  Staying with the patient so family members can take a break, reading scripture to patients, or holding their hand.   The help and support our volunteers give is returned to them in countless ways. You can make a DIFFERENCE.   All assignments are in close proximity to your home, work or school.  You can donate as little or as much of your time as you desire.  Please contact Virginia at 314-453-0990 if you would like to bring something special into someone’s life.  Be sure to inquire about our next Training Class.