Dear Faith Des Peres Community,

I’m halfway through the sermon series on Half-Truths. Thank you for the positive feedback! This week we’re delving into the half-truth “God Said It, I Believe It, That Settles It”. You’ve probably seen this saying on bumper stickers or billboards. Even though Presbyterians don’t read the Bible literally, when and how do we draw the line between what is “truth” and what’s a “half-truth” or no longer true? Is it solely based on whether we agree with it or not? Does the New Testament take precedence over the Old Testament? Spoiler alert: the answer to those last two questions is “no”.

We posted our “roving reverend” video for this week early, and I think you’ll find our on-the-street interviews insightful. As we seek to challenge the present to change the future to make Christ known, it’s important for us to hear what people outside the church think of these Christian clichés, because it affects what they think of Christians and therefore us! You can find the video here. This is also a great opportunity to invite someone to church, particularly someone who holds a skeptical view of church. What they hear here may surprise them! The key to fulfilling the vision God has given us is in large part your willingness to live your faith, and to invite others to join you on this journey.

See you Sunday.