Dear Faith Des Peres Family,

This Sunday is All Saints Sunday. It’s become one of my favorite Sundays of the year. I love that there’s a special Sunday set aside to remember our saints, whether living or dead, who have molded us, shaped us, loved us, and made us into the people we are today. During worship, you’ll have the opportunity to remember your saint and give thanks for him or her. This is also a communion Sunday, so don’t forget your food for Feeding the Flock. And, don’t forget to turn your clock back one hour. Everyone gets an extra hour of sleep!

I hope to see you Sunday!

Blessings, Annie

PS: It's not too late to join the Grace and Gratitude Group on Facebook. Join us here as we "count our blessings" in November. 

PPS: Tommy Epling's Eagle Scout Court of Honor is Saturday, November 25 at 2pm at the church. Everyone is invited! Thank you for supporting his project of building bee hives for the community garden. Terry and I hope to see you there!