Dear Faith Des Peres Community,

It’s hard to believe but Lent is almost here. It begins this Wednesday, March 1, with Ash Wednesday. We’ll have an Ash Wednesday service at 6:45-7:15 in the Gathering Space. I’ve found this service is very meaningful and helps me to start Lent “on the right foot”, so I hope you’ll find time to attend and start your Lent “on the right foot”, too.

Speaking of Lent, this Sunday the Worship Arts Center has planned a very special worship service where you’ll learn all about Lent, the meaning behind the symbols of the season, and the history behind Lent. I think both newcomers and old-timers will learn something on Sunday. We’ll also do something different, like “bury the alleluias”, and you’ll take part in burning last year’s palms for this year’s ashes. It will be very multi-sensory! I’m looking forward to it.

Consider inviting someone to church this Sunday. At this time of year, people are thinking about church, especially people who have been away from church for a while. They may have grown up hearing about Lent and knowing that it’s important, but not always understanding why it’s important. On Sunday, we’ll answer both of those questions. Plus, there are pancakes after church. What’s not to like?!

Finally, I mentioned last Sunday the importance of giving up something for Lent or “taking on” something for Lent. I hope you’ve given that some thought. Your Lent, and therefore your Easter, will be much more fulfilling if you do. I’ve posted suggestions on the church’s Facebook page that you can find here.

I hope to see you Sunday.