Many of you know that Palm Sunday is my favorite Sunday of the year. It has all the pomp of Easter and is loaded with traditions like Christmas, but underneath it all is a great drama. The week begins with shouts of "Hosanna" but ends with cries of "crucify", and what happened in between is so very human. Fear, jealousy, love, betrayal, denial and relationship gone awry are all a part of the story, and those are all things we've experienced in life. Which makes this ancient story our story, too. 

And I hope you'll be here to hear it.

This year more than ever. Why?

Because we're going to hear it in a very special way this year through music. The choir has been preparing a very special cantata for you called "The Last Week", and they'll be joined by instrumentalists. I've heard the music, and it's beautiful. You won't want to miss it. Plus, we'll take part in two special traditions: the procession of palms (it's forecast to be a beautiful day to begin outside), and the handwashing. 

On behalf of the choir, I'm asking you to please take the time to be here on Sunday to support them but also to worship on what is the most important day of the year.

Because it all begins and ends on Palm Sunday.

Many Blessings,