Dear Faith Des Peres Family,

This Sunday will be special with the confirmation of Julia Epling and a special luncheon for all women in honor of Mother’s Day. On March 23, 2003, Julia was baptized here at Faith Des Peres, and now this Sunday she will confirm the promises Terry and I made at her baptism. All of you have been a huge influence on her faith journey, so I hope you will be here to celebrate with her. She will present her statement of faith and formally join the church as a part of her journey. It’s a special day in the life of Faith Des Peres when we get to confirm young people because it’s something we don’t do often. I hope you can be here to welcome her.

Before and after church we’ll have a photographer in the Gathering Space (starting at 10:00 before church) to take pictures of families. We did this last year on Mother’s Day and it turned out nicely. Your pictures will be mailed and emailed to you next week. Also after church, we’ll have lunch (no need to sign-up in advance); sandwiches, chips, fruit and cake for all to enjoy in honor of Mother’ Day and confirmation. So skip the pricey brunch and eat here! Mom gets a break, too!

It will be a special Sunday, so invite someone special to join you.

I hope to see you Sunday.