Dear Faith Des Peres Family,

Congratulations to all of our Faith Des Peres graduates! On Sunday we’ll recognize all of our graduates who are leaving one school and moving on to a new one. This includes kids and teens graduating from preschool, elementary school, middle school and high school. What’s so interesting to me about recognizing all of these youth is that even though they are spread out in age, many of them face the same mix of emotions: joy, fear, excitement, and a little trepidation. I hope you can be here for this important milestone in their journey to support them and pray for them! If you or a family member are graduating, we hope you’ll bring your family to worship as a part of your celebrations.

This Sunday we’ll celebrate communion, too, so don’t forget your food for Feeding the Flock. As schools wind down for the year, more kids are at home and depending on food from home. This includes kids who rely on a school breakfast or lunch and won’t have access to that this summer. So please, bring in your food donations! And don’t forget that you can bring in donations any Sunday and store them in the wagons in the Bride’s Room just off the narthex (lobby).

I hope to see you Sunday!