Moses is the single most important figure in the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament), and his life serves as the backdrop for much of the New Testament. Throughout history, his story has continued to speak to each generation. Today, it speaks to us again and reveals truth about us as human beings. In this series, we’ll learn about Moses and how his story intersects with ours through the sermon and personal testimonies. Today, we’ll hear from Tommy Epling and Jordan Harris, recent graduates of the Cultural Leadership Institute. They’ve been on a year-long transformational journey that has trained them to be change agents, social justice activists, and troublemakers of the best kind by recognizing and resolving issues of privilege and injustice through the lens of the African American and Jewish experience. Like Moses, they have been called to work for freedom for all. In addition to the testimonies, today’s liturgical art reflects the Nile River, where Moses was found as a baby among the bulrushes. Also in today’s service is the Belhar Confession, adopted by the PC(USA) in 2016, that was born out of the apartheid movement in South Africa.