One of the things I most love about Faith Des Peres Presbyterian Church is its focus on feeding the hungry.  Every communion Sunday, the kids bring a red wagon down the center aisle to gather food for Circle of Concern Food Pantry.  What I find exciting in all this, however; goes deeper than that.  What is amazing is that in gathering physical food before receiving spiritual food in Communion, we proclaim to young and old that God feeds us body and soul.  God continuously offers food to hungry souls.  In God, we find “not enough” transformed into “more than enough”, abundance!

 Come then to rejoice with us in God’s presence, within and outside these walls.  Join us in sharing God’s abundantly loving and merciful hospitality, one of our cherished values.  Join us as well on October 14th to celebrate another baptism, make Buddy Packs for hungry children after worship, stay for a lunch topic, and celebrate with me the joyful time we spent together as October 14th is my last Sunday here.  It is Sundays like these that I will miss, as well as PALS, Buddy Packs, and being with you all.  Yet I am sure that God will bring you whom you need, and that all will be well.  As Annie advised in her last sermon, it is time to “stay in the boat” and trust in God.


Grace and Peace,


Pastor Junie