As you are aware, FDP has leased classroom space on the first level of the education wing to Harper School, a new pre-school in our community.  All of the inspections required for the school are near completion and Harper expects to be operational in the near future.  The gates that are installed on the lower level at the foot of the east and west stairs are required for child safety purposes.  We have asked the school staff to remove the gate at the east stairway at the  end of the day on Fridays to provide easier access for FDP's members and guests on Sundays.  The gate at the west staircase is a bit more complicated to remove and re-install so we have agreed that it can be left intact, at least for the near term.  For the personal safety of our members, we are suggesting that we use the upper level entrances to the sanctuary and the gathering space or the stairs at the east end of the lower level.  Thank you for your understanding and  cooperation.