This Sunday is the first Sunday of Lent and I, for one, can't believe this sacred season is already upon us. I'm beginning to set meeting for March but my brain is still in January, it seems! Yet here we are in Lent. As you probably know, Lent means "spring" and, as such, I like to think of Lent as the time to do some "spring cleaning" of the soul. For some people this might be taking on something, for others it's giving up something. No matter what, it's a time to grow closer to God so we're ready for Easter!

To that end, we're looking this Lent as how times of uncertainty can be gifts, not the hindrances we normally think of them as. How can a time of uncertainty be a time of growth for you, both personally and spiritually? This is the theme we're exploring, and I hope you'll be a part of our journey. Specifically this Sunday, we're looking at those times we're left on our own to complete a task and how during those times God is with us. I hope you can be here to join us during Lent.

See you in church!


PS: Anyone is invited to attend PALS this Sunday and learn more about Twigs and the Buddy Packs ministry. Join us!