Dear Faith Des Peres Friends,
I could try and convince you to come to Easter worship (10:30am) because the music will be great, the sanctuary will look beautiful, and the message will have meaning. All of which is true and reason enough to come.

But at the end of the day, I hope you'll come on Easter because you need to hear the Easter story. You need to hear it because Easter is the assurance that whatever happens to you, whatever a day may hold, God has the power to strengthen and uphold you; whatever you may face, you do not face it alone, that nothing you encounter is stronger than God’s love; that ultimately God gets the last word; that in the end, God’s love is triumphant. 

You can't get that message at home, on Facebook, at an egg hunt, or eating a Cadbury egg. You just can't.

So I hope you'll come, and I hope you'll invite someone to join you who also needs to hear this message. (Don't we all need to hear this message?)

And when you come, I hope you'll bring lots of food for Feeding the Flock (we're having communion). Because we're also called to practice resurrection, and one way we do that is by serving others.

So I hope you'll come.

Because Christ is risen. He is risen indeed!